Technical Analysis Alone Is Not Enough To Trade Successfully

New traders after experiencing loss either leave the market or decide to learn. Ideally one should learn and then get into the stock market, unfortunately, people often learn it the hard way. They lose first and if they haven’t lost all of their money they think of doing it the right way.
Now when they start learning the first thing that comes to their mind is to learn Technical AnalysisAnd when they do decide to go for a course in Technical Analysis, they come across such wonderful concepts like Support & Resistance, trend line, Fibonacci etc that it feels that life is now sorted. However, when one applies these theories in the market, it falls flat on the face and losses continues. This leaves one all confused & belief that one can actually earn in the market begins to wane.  They learn more about Technical analysis but the result is the same, disappointment & more disappointment.
Why is that? Why does Technical analysis does not work? Well, it does but know alone. If your trades are based on only technical analysis then your success rate will be not more than 40% and with that kind of success rate you just can not earn in the market. 
So, now what to do? 
The answer is Derivative Analysis. The derivative analysis is the study of Option & Future data. Derivative Analysis together with Technical Analysis can improve your success rate to as high as 80%. You’ll be able to spot trend better also trend change will be much easier to decipher. Now, why is that?
The reason for the low success rate of technical analysis is that when you are doing the Technical analysis you are only looking at charts which is the pictorial presentation of the Future price. Here you are completely ignoring the Option data which is significant data. You just can’t ignore anything when you are analyzing the market and to ignore such a vital option data is a cardinal sin. 
Option data analysis shows in which direction the position is being made whether short or long. Now, whenever a position is made there is a buyer or seller so how do you decide who is more powerful, buyer or the seller. Option analysis will help in deciding this.
Its the combination of Technical Analysis & Derivative Analysis that makes analysis complete and more precise. Options Trading can be extremely enjoyable and profitable if we combine the two analysis. You just cannot ignore any of the two, Technical or Derivative analysis.
The difference between an average trader and a successful one is that a successful trader has a holistic view of the market and its analysis.  
Our Master Option Trader is based on how to combine Technical & Derivative analysis to form a market’s trend view and then frame low-risk strategy. It also includes how to do risk & money management in trading. The highlight of this program is that we help you in Live market trading & provide 1 month of mentorship to help you in implementing your learning from classroom to the Live Market. Its one of the best Option trading courses in Delhi

We believe that Master Option Trader Course which is the missing link between trading professionally & trading for losing. 

Keep learning & happy trading.

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