Market – Its a complex World or is it?

Market from outside looks like such a giant jigsaw puzzle that it becomes overwhelming for anyone trying to make a sense out of it. Whether you are trading in the market or a long-term investor, the market will always have few tricks up its sleeve to surprise you or in most cases terrorize you. 
Come to think of it, with so many aspects to look into while making a trading or investment decision, the decision in itself becomes DIFFICULT. Looking at the present scenario, one must take into account the following while making a market decision:
⦁ Fundamental & Technical analysis, 
⦁ Political scenario, 
⦁ Global factors, 
⦁ Fed actions, 
⦁ Dow’s rise, 
⦁ EM currency
⦁ Commodity prices, 
⦁ Oil price moves, 
⦁ European market, 
Effects of Brexit  Liquidity, 
⦁ Sentiments
⦁ Demonetization effects, 
⦁ SIP or lump sum
Long term or short term
⦁ Elections
⦁ CNBC & ETNow
⦁ Did I miss the rally, Now that market is at an all-time high is it safe to invest etc etc.
 Now if you have to take a decision keeping all these factors in mind then it may paralyze one’s mind and one may not be able to take any decision at all. 
Our experience of 3 decades has taught us to keep things simple and stick to the basics. These two aspects – Keeping it simple & sticking to the basics will keep your investment and trading account in good shape. 
But how do you keep something as complex as Market, simple and easy? Well, the key is- keep learning & don’t risk too much of your capital. We will teach you how that is precisely done. 
Our courses, be it Techno Derivative or Learn and Earn, will change your market perspective forever, we can almost guarantee that.
The market is not as complex as it is made out to be. In our courses, you’ll get to learn how to keep things simple and avoid capital losses. It’s much more than simply learning Option trading strategies. That you can learn from Youtube anyway. However that won’t be of much help because if it was then everyone would have been making money as youtube is freely and readily available for all, 
Learning about markets is one thing and making money is totally another. In our courses, you get to learn the strategies that we use for our own trading. You’ll get to learn technical analysis, Derivative analysis and most important psychological aspects of trading. A combination of these three can only ensure trading successfully.

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