How to Earn Money in Trading F&O

Well, it’s more than just having a trading account & money in the bank.

If your aim is to earn money through trading in Future and Options then you require a lot more than a trading account & a bank account. You need the knowledge and know-how of the Share market.

This is something that people mostly take for granted and as a result lose money and leave the trading altogether.  It’s not just buying and selling that we will earn money for you.

Share Market has both risk and reward, 80–85% people lose money so only 15–20% end up earning. Remember it’s a zero-sum game someone’s loss is someone’s profit. So, more people lose and only a few earn…..but these few earn a massive amount of money………. Why do only a few earn money?? It’s because they have knowledge, proper risk & money management plan.

Don’t start trading without proper knowledge.

So, if you want to earn money in trading F&O here is what you should do

  • Improve your knowledge – You will get a lot of information and knowledge on the internet on F&O (Future & Option)….Read that
  • Read Business News Economic Times Daily
  • Invest in yourself. Join Courses on the stock market, we have some excellent course for beginner and for advanced level traders.
  • You need a mentor to guide you in your first few months of trading. You can never learn soon enough if you don’t have a mentor.
  • Without proper training or a mentor, it will take you decades to learn the tricks of the trade…..and believe me by then the money in your trading account will be all over.
  • Learn Technical and Derivative Analysis …One such course is Techno Derivative Course.
  • Have a routine. Like getting up early, spend an hour learning about the market. Go to your work. At work, spend say about 15–30 minutes on learning (maybe read economic times or browse a website)
  • In the evening again spare an hour to analyze what happened in the market during the day. You will need to follow this routine every day.
  • Learn to read data on NSE website, it’s absolutely crucial.
  • For the more serious trader who wants to learn a professional way of making money in the market & who want to earn a consistent return, can look to do our One Year Option Trading Course called Learn & Earn.

Important thing is to have a passion to learn how the market works. In the market, we have smart people and crowd. The crowd is 80-85% who lose money whereas Smart money is 15-20% who make money in the market.

Which side you belong to depends on the knowledge & experience you have.


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