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Its an advanced level workshop suited for Equity and F&O traders.

This Program will help you to :

Understand the prevailing market conditions based on technical breakouts, pattern & projection
Devise strategies considering option Greeks like Delta, Theta, Gamma etc.
Discuss ways of handling risk under synthetic options, Option Morphing, credit & Debit spread etc.

Audience & Pre­requisite

Faculty :
Derivative Strategist Mr. Ajay Agarwal better known as Option Guru who has over 25 years of qualitative experience in derivative analysis, technical analysis and trading strategies for Derivatives. He worked as Associate Professor with Lancaster University (UK), teaching derivatives and investment analysis.

Daily Online Evening Session for a week (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM)

Day 1 – Market Psychology and Risk Management

Day 2 – Understanding Derivative

Day 3 – Learning Option Hedged Trading

Day 4 – Understanding Technical Analysis

Day 5 – Derivative Data Analysis

Day 6 – How to make a Trade Plan

Format & Course Overview

  • Introduction to derivatives and technical analysis, concept of open interest and cost of carry, methods to identify long build-up, short build-up, long unwind and short covering.

  • Identifying open strikes with long build up & short build up. Concepts of Greeks Delta, Theta, Gamma. Use of volatility trading strategies.

  • Identify technical breakouts, patterns and projections, risk and money management.

  • Option strategies in bullish market, bearish market, neutral market and during specific events. Concepts like synthetic options and morphing of option strategies, converting a losing trade to winning trade.

  • Find out the most probable point of expiry for maximum profitability. How to trade on the day of expiry for maximum profitability. Application of derivative data and identifying the stock to trade.

  • Find out the stock projection based on derivative and technical framing strategies. Creating a trading plan.

  • Post the online session, You will have one full month of Mentorship in which you will learn how to implement things learned in the classroom in the live market.

  • Strategy planned in online session on Saturday will be executed  on Monday and your position will be monitored and you will be guided along the way over the phone & Email.

Course Cost

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    Techno Derivative Online Course

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I attended Techno Derivative training and I must say that its a course that everyone who wants to understand how market functions should attend. This training works on building the basics of trading. It teaches about the things one must know about in trading which most of us don’t even know exist. I use to think that learning Technical analysis is enough for trading in F&O but this course taught me how derivative analysis is much more important. I highly recommend this training to everyone who is trading in the market.

Sudheer Menon
GM E Commerce, Primetime

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