Essentials of Option TradingClassroom Course

World of Option has confused and puzzled traders for decades. Lack of knowledge about Options has kept traders and investors away from this magnificent trading instrument.
With option you can minimize your risk to a great extent. There is much more to option than simply buying a call when bullish or buying a put when bearish. In fact such buying & selling is what crowd knows and does in options.
Have you ever wondered if crowd is losing money in trading especially in Option trading then who is making money....Its the smart people who are making big money in Option trading. The key is to know what the smart money is doing, interpreting option data can help you know what smart money is up to. Learn how to trade in Options is the only way to trade like a Pro.
Market has three trend uptrend, downtrend & sideways. Your approach and strategy for each trend cannot be the same

Audience & Pre­requisite

Its a one full day classroom program.

Learn the ABC of Option Trading. This course is specifically designed for those who want to learn about Option trading and excel in it. We start from basic and cover topic like Options Greeks and its implementation in the market.  

We will briefly touch upon technical analysis to understand the trend of the market.  Post the training you will be well familiar with how Option works in the market and how one can optimize returns on the capital employed.

Format & Course Overview

  • Introduction to Options
  • Basics of Future & Options
  • Option Greeks Introduction
  • Practical implementation of Greeks
  • How to hedge a portfolio using Options
  • Strategy for Bullish, Bearish and Neutral Market
  • Trend analysis through Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management in Trading
  • Money Management in Trading
  • And much more
  • Classroom Program
  • Duration : 7 hrs
  • Venue : Radisson Blu Dwarka, Delhi
  • 1 Day Program includes Breakfast, Lunch & Evening Tea

Course Cost

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I attended Techno Derivative training and I must say that its a course that everyone who wants to understand how market functions should attend. This training works on building the basics of trading. It teaches about the things one must know about in trading which most of us don’t even know exist. I use to think that learning Technical analysis is enough for trading in F&O but this course taught me how derivative analysis is much more important. I highly recommend this training to everyone who is trading in the market.

Sudheer Menon
GM E Commerce, Primetime

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