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One of our very best courses on stock market is Learn and Earn. In order to enroll for this course some prior knowledge of market analysis is required. If you are fairly new to the market then don’t worry, this Bridge Course will help you build a strong foundation in stock market. Post this course you will have complete knowledge of technical and derivative analysis.

Bridge Course is named so as it bridges the knowledge gap that is required to enroll for Learn & Earn course. Plus this course as a standalone as well provides tremendous inputs which make you a better trader by the end of the course. You market knowledge, Technical analysis and derivative analysis will grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s a 1 month online course for a month. There will be three online classes per week dedicated to understanding F&O market, technical analysis & derivative analysis. Along with online classes you will get exclusive study material on F&O market and technical analysis.

  • F&O Basics
  • F&O Advanced concepts
  • Complete Technical Analysis
  • Derivative Analysis
  • How to combine Technical & Derivative Analysis
  • Interpreting FII Buying & Selling
  • Delta Neutral Strategies
  • How to interpret Open interest, Roll over data
  • How to trade on the basis of market volatility
  • Advanced concepts related with derivative expiry
  • Strategies around most probable expiry point
  • Advanced strategies to minimize risk
  • Understanding when is a good time to Buy or Sell an option
  • How & when to hedge a portfolio

Course Type : Online

Duration : 30 hours

  • Course is designed for are new to market but want to learn basic as well as advanced concepts of F&O market
  • Investors and trader who want to join our ultimate course Learn & Earn however want to brush-up or learn basic and advanced concepts before joining should attend this course
  • Trader or investors who want to invest through F&O will find this course very enlightening.
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    Bridge Course

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I attended Techno Derivative training and I must say that its a course that everyone who wants to understand how market functions should attend. This training works on building the basics of trading. It teaches about the things one must know about in trading which most of us don’t even know exist. I use to think that learning Technical analysis is enough for trading in F&O but this course taught me how derivative analysis is much more important. I highly recommend this training to everyone who is trading in the market.

Sudheer Menon
GM E Commerce, Primetime

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